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Feb 18, 2022 - Here comes the rosin press!

Feb 18, 2022 - Here comes the rosin press!

Posted by Adam Gregg on Feb 18th 2022

Some of our most popular products use rosin. 

Rosin pressing is a chemical free form of extraction that relies on heat and pressure to squeeze all the "good stuff" from the cannabis flower. 

Currently, our CenTex CannaHealth Vapes and Gum Drops both use rosin to encourage the entourage effect by adding major and minor cannabiniods as well as preserving the terpenes from the original plant. 

We fully believe that rosin is one the BEST way to be able to make cannabis products as pure and perfect as possible.

Rosin is made by squeezing flower or hash with a hydraulic or pneumatic press. 

I chose to go with a Dulytek 20 ton hydraulic press mostly because it's a great compromise of a very capable press, touting up to 50 grams pressed at a time, but it still very affordable for what we are looking for. We paid full price for the press and are not recieving any compensation from the manufacturer or anyone else. 

Honestly, I haven't even unboxed the thing yet, so I can't recommend it just yet :)

Over the next few weeks we will be pressing a lot of rosin from flower our customers have grown to love to be able to make strain specific products directly from the flower that we have already been selling. 

Once we have enough rosin pressed and homogenized for accurate COA testing, we will start adding CBD distillate and ∆8 THC distillate depending on the final products to bring the delta 9 THC content within legal parameters.

We are excited to soon be able to give our customers access to the most perfect products we can from right here in the Round Rock store. 

Stay tuned for our first press next week! 

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