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Announcing Texas CannaHealth!

Announcing Texas CannaHealth!

Posted by Adam Gregg on May 23rd 2022

Greetings everyone!!

We are going to be moving all of our product branding to our new name: Texas CannaHealth, TCH or "Teach" for short.

Our stores and our company name will still be called CenTex CBD. 

We make this announcement as we are starting to sell some products that we are making in house. 

We are excited to have Rosin:CBD:Delta 8 TCH concentrates now being sold in a vape cart, a disposable vape, and  as a simple sauce/dab. 

Unlike most all other brands, the concentrates are named after the rosin we use in the concentrates which is FROM THE ACTUAL STRAIN of hemp flower.

Our currently available strains are:
The Wife,
Sour Space Candy
Lime OG 
Bubba Kush

We have had nothing but good responses so far, so we are excited to expand our made-in-house offerings in the coming weeks. We expect to be soon offering edibles/candies as well as tinctures and salves later on. 

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